How we found model Mario Adrion and helped him get his start in the modeling industry

The now famous Mario Adrion

got his start in Germany starting to make his posts on instagram in 2013 although the first modeling photos started in 2014 like this one.

and Mario Adrion kept going for it, even posing nude for his first photographer

Although he admits he felt uncomfortable, he kept following his desires.

and eventually answered one of our casting calls for a TV commercial spot for  a men’s hair product AXE and claimed he was working with Louisa Models  for sexy photos like this

It was in our casting that we made helped contribute to his portfolio and circulate his images to potential modeling gigs.

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For us, we knew Mario Adrion would already make it, because he had the look.

He was definitely new to modeling, he came with no sleep, dark circles under his eyes, nervous, rushed, but he had the will to try.

The scouts for Axe recognized it also and were circulating his photos around. It was soon after that one he traveled to New York and Mario landed an opportunity that opened the door to his future success.

We remember the day Mario consulted us, asking us if we thought it was ok, and we said of course.

Now Mario Adrion is with several agencies including Wilhelmina and Brave just to name a few.

Although our advice is to be careful as agencies take 70 percent or more of your profits and can restrict you from doing side jobs because they want all the money.

Now he does shoots for Calvin Klein, Armani, and other brands, he has reached the height of his career.

He now is back in Germany and is mentoring other models on his successful YouTube Channel.

For an agency like ours to have one model with such great success, is slim odds, and we have hundreds of models we have helped start their careers.

Contact us if you would like to start your modeling career.

Update on Mario Adrion.  Mario has left the professional modeling business to pursue, money made through Youtube with sexually explicit videos, nude videos, gay videos to attract more followers.    He still models, for popularity, but is also pursuing other avenues.   Don’t become another Mario.

Note to recent talking about BTSMedia the company we acquired.  Mario was contacted and eventually answered one of our casting calls for a TV commercial spot for a men’s hair product like AXE and claimed he was working with Louisa Models – he didn’t take the gig because of his new offer in New York.  He later slandered our photographer, and other photographers. Although he made many false claims, he lost.

In the contract he signed any photo he used, we were to get 25% of of his income.   But we found out from two places Mario had used our photos because those companies contacted us to remove any of Mario’s photos from our website.  Then we showed them the contract.  Unfortunately we never got the 25% of what ever jobs Mario got as to our photos he used in his portfolio.  Then he had another name Mario Leon Armado.

Update:  2019
You may of heard Mario Adrion, slandering photographers. In court the photographers won, because he failed to appear. On Youtube his videos were taken down by Google. Next step are lawsuits.

One thing to learn about all this that modeling is not as glamorous as it is made out to be.