Areas of Expertise

We offer a wide range of services for different industries  and we deliver nothing but the best. 


There are many forms of art and photography, but we believe our approach and experience is a cut above the rest.   We like to get it right the first time, capturing the mood, feeling,  personality & dimension in print.

Music Production

 Working as a recording studio artist & learning studio engineering and production. Video production skills were learned in the recording studio and as a TV Producer.   We produce chart hit songs and artists. We produce, publish and market Songs, Music Videos, & Projects

Music Videos

We have worked with no-labels and major labels producing hit Music Videos.  We have worked with Yellow Claw, Jazzu, Lil Berete, Christina Stürmer,  Kendji Girac, Universal, & Warner just to name a few. 

Film Production

With over 15 years experience in Video Production, we have edited, and co-produce several major cinema movies, short movies and other film projects. 

Model Agency

The demand for models have increased in Europe. Our modeling agency grew from these demands and we are now able to locate and manage models for clients, in paid, freelance, commercials and other photo/video/TV opportunities.


We publish and create books and magazine prints. Our design and photography team helps you create your best inspiration and bring it to market, on Amazon and other retailers, or for your business, store catalog, company, project or event.

Music Artist Talent

We help musicians market their talent. From songwriting, production, record label and distribution. 


We have castings for models, music artists, actors, production teams (film and music). Check our listings to find a job.