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ReImagine mobile recording studio /  mobiles Aufnahmestudio

ReImagine Music Production

We offer full Music Production Services and Aufnahmestudio



Geared toward the Serious Songwriter and artist – Pop, Jazz or any style. Guitar-Piano/Vocals or Full Production.

Click here for some of our samples and a link to more of our productions.

AGNETIA PRODUCTIONS demo service is geared towards the serious songwriter. Our “major label” division produces records for record labels.We are now offering our expertise to songwriters that wish to receive the same care and attention to their recordings that we give to the major label projects we produce. There are several basic options for for each plan.

Mobile Studio:

* Because we are mobile, have a small studio.  If you are bringing your band, it is better to record the drums at your location.  We only provide one drum mic, you will have to rent or use your own.  We record in groups, so after the drums are finished, we record the keys and bass. You may need to bring your own closed eared headphones as we only have one extra pair of those.  After which record the guitar or other instruments.  Our producer is very musically talented and can also lay drum, bass, guitar, strings, etc from VST or Keyboards.  Our service for cost for each instrument is 35, euros.

OPTION 1: (Demo)
Includes “A” level, master session players.You see all of their names on current hit records. These are the same players we use on “major label” masters. Because we use them frequently on very high-pay sessions, they are kind enough to do demo dates for us.

This level player rarely, if ever, accepts a “demo” date. Is there a difference in master session players and demo session players? UNBELIEVABLY SO!!!!

Option 1  also includes some very high-quality programming using the finest samples available. Many are made from the session players themselves. This price includes male or female lead vocal and basic background vocals and a high quality mix using high-end outboard gear. We record digitally and present you with a “mastered” cd of your songs, including a no-lead-vocal track, so you can use the to sing to in live situations.

The price of these demos is 140,  Includes up to 4 hours studio time. Editing, Mixing and Mastering are additional, see add-on’s below.

OPTION 2: (Full Demo – Full Rhythm Section)

Includes full “A” level, master session rhythm section, that we produce or your band/artists create complete with Bass, Drums, Guitar(Acoustic & Electric), and Keyboards.

Extras are included up to a reasonable point. All tracks are recorded digitally in a state-of-the-art studio complete..

Remember, you only have a few short seconds of the decision makers’ ears whether they hit the stop button or listen to the complete demo. You have to hit them with your best shot.

The price of these demos is 250,  Includes up to 7 hours studio time. Editing, Mixing and Mastering are additional, see add-on’s below.

OPTION 3: (Ultimate)

This demo includes the absolute best of everything including sample libraries, custom loops, state-of-the-art sequencing equipment. Your song will include a slammin’ track and the best “pop” vocalists available. The demo also includes thick, stacked type harmonies.

Again you will receive a CD of your song with full vocals and a track minus lead vocal.

The price for these demos is 550,00 per song. It includes up to 10 hours.  Editing, Mixing and Mastering are additional, see add-on’s below.


Custom CD / Custom Service

We offer the expertise and experience of working currently for major record labels.

For bands and artists that wish to make their own CD for presentation to a major record label or to sell themselves, we handle all the details from start to finish. Also we can create a custom service, and combine our expertise, just contact us for a quote.

Our custom record division utilizes the same top level facilities and talent as our major production recordings. We possibly may outsource and combine the use of a larger professional studio for some of the recording, editing, mixing and mastering as assist in the production.

We specialize in tailoring CD production to each individual artist or band in terms of budget and final focus of the record. Check out FAQ’s under “How much does it cost to make a record…” You will quickly see that there are as many different ways to record a CD as there are to build a house. We work very closely with our clients to make sure they get the absolute best product for their budget requirements.

Unlike one-stop shops that charge a fixed rate for recording your CD, our primary focus is quality and creative ways to stay within a budget and not to sacrifice the sound of the recording. We don’t make CD’s that only your friends and family will be impressed with.

The real world of selling your CD in the open marketplace and/or trying to get a major label deal with your CD is much harder. Remember, your CD will probably cost about the same at your concerts or on the net as other well known artists such as Green Day, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or your favorite artist.

You have to make sure your music stands up to the quality of all of your competition even on the radio, iTunes, Spotify or online streaming service.

If you’re serious about your musical career we would love to talk with you in depth about the possibilities. Contact us for a quote.


Options and Add-on’s

  • Editing + 25, / hour or 200 per day.  Clean all the spaces, noise, breaths, timing, move to substitute drum  fills, dubs, effects, fades.
  • Mixing + 50-100, per song.  We mix your song , or album. We add all the master effects, inserts and processes for a full sound
  • Mastering + 40, per song.  Mastering is the process to see if the mix matches to industry standards, adjusting dynamics, requency and stereo imaging.  You can choose Radio Master or CD Master, each is priced separately.
  • Bands  Special + 300, per day or 40/ hour.  Re can record your groups at your location of choice, as a group or separately.
  • Overdub + 40/hour or 250 / day.  This is the process of adding additional tracks to the mix, for example doubling the voice and backgrounds, or other instruments.
  • Raw audio tracks + 3 Euros per track You get the raw tracks, instead of a mix, that you can use to send to your preferred editor, mixing / mastering house.
  • Vocals and Rap + 30/hour or 250 / day.  Get the perfect sound and work in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Producer + 50/ hour.  Would you like a master producer to help produce your song, we have the experience to help make your song a hit.
  • Arranging + 35/hour.  We can actually take your lead sheet of piano or guitar, and create a complete hit song
  • Backing vocals  +30-45/hour. We have people available that you can add backing vocals to your project.
  • Travel expense + you pay the taxi, bus or train ticket to get there and back. (depending on how much equipment I bring, Taxi / Train is preferred)



We have our own label or can use yours or any major/minor label for your project. We have internet distribution via itunes, spotify, google play music and other media outlets or can help you find your own distribution. We have song writers to help you create chart songs for your soon to be hit CD project.


Our producer/talent coach began music at the age of five. Started performing in recording studios at 13 years old and by 15 was producing projects and learning music industry. As a keyboardist versed in many different musical styles (Jazz, Classical, Pop, Electronica, Rock, Ballads… ), and training of one instrument from each musical instrument group, it gives him great advantages when writing / composing new songs, arranging, dueling as a sound and recording engineer, producer, with experience in video/tv/movie production.
Educated/Trained in piano performance, jazz improvisation, music theory, recording studio production, tv and film production, Ear and Vocal and songwriting. He has performed on hundreds of CDs, including 10 of his own. He has played on the Tonight Show, and national radio / TV networks, and because of his studio experience has had the privilege to work with several music celebrities. He surrounded himself with like people, who also have been successful in their music careers. He has played for several bands, and been on numerous tours. He has won several music competitions and helped accompany competing artists on various TV music competition shows.

What We Do

We work in a variety of capacities for major labels and minor label artists (click here) including producing, arranging, programming tracks, as well as, writing songs for and writing with artists (click here for artist profile) .

We use popular software, Cubase, Cakewalk, Performer, Finale and more to help produce projects.

With extensive backgrounds in pop, R&B, jazz, contemporary – Agnetia Productions infuses fresh, new elements from all styles of music into every project. In the current record climate, it has become almost a necessity to take a broad market approach to selling records. ReImagine Music Production.

VIDEO SERVICES  / Video Production


We have a full green screen to help add custom music video, we also have full photography and video services that can help you create your hit music.

Recording Tools

  • Mics:  ProDM-58 .  MXL 770,  AKG P5S
  • Mixers: Pro Zoom r16,  Yahama MG 96
  • Effects: TC Helicon Voice Live
  • Software: Cubase Elements 8.5 and Pro, Abelton Live Pro, Cakewalk Sonar, Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Monitoring:  M-Audio Studio Speakers, AKG Studio Headphones, Sony Studio Headphones, AKG Studio Headphones




mobile recording studio /  mobiles Aufnahmestudio

Click here for some of our samples and a link to more of our productions.

Special pricing packages custom tailored to each project demands, please email us.



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ReImagine Media Photography Wuerzburg Germany Music ProductionReImagine Media Photography Wuerzburg Germany Music ProductionReImagine Media Photography Wuerzburg Germany Music Production